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First Look / 初見

I was looking for a condo from the summer to the fall in 2009. Because of the hot market, the price was getting higher and there weren’t many condos in my price range but I finally found this place.

What I was looking for was “Has balcony”, “Bigger than the current place”, and “Closer to the subway station in Downtown”. There was no balcony in this place since it is located on the first floor but it has a nice almost private courtyard space. I can put outdoor furniture and relax if I want. The size of the condo is good size for one person and it has a bedroom space. The ceiling is 10 feet and really high and the space look bigger because of that. Interior is a bit country style and I would like to upgrade to more “Modern” style and I would like to see the finish so I decided to offer.

When I asked my agency, Rob, he told me that there was another offer and they instantly took their offer. I was really disappointed but they couldn’t get loan for the place, the place came back on the market. As soon as I have heard from Rob, I put an offer and I finally got the place!




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