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Boston Trip 2012 / ボストン旅行

Ed and I went to Boston for 5 days using the Victoria long weekend.


It’s our first Boston trip. There are many universities such as Cambridge and MIT. We got in a graduation weekend so the hotel price was double! It was hard to find one that we can afford. It seem busy with students. The city had lots of beautiful brick buildings and it was located by the ocean but I didn’t smell any of ocean and it didn’t feel like close to the ocean as well.

It is ocean side after all. Seafood is really good and we saw lobster sign everywhere. In the restaurant, they got lobster roll and oyster in many places. It’s a university town so we saw many young people and people play baseball and sun bathing at the Boston Common park. Also, Boston got lots of history and many place to discover.

In 2 days of our trip, we visited Provincetown. It takes 2 hours to get there by car but it’s so different than Boston and it is very relaxed and laid back atmosphere. This is a gay town but they got Tea Dance from the lunch time and we met Lesbian couple and just married gay couple in the previous day at the B&B where we stayed. There are so many gay people in the town. It would be very crowded in the summer time at the pool and beach side.

We went many places but it was a fun weekend. We would like to come back again.





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