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Newfoundland Trip 2012 / 2012年度 ニューファウンドランド旅行

We went again for Ed’s Hometown / 今年も行って参りました、エドの実家。

In this trip, Ed went back for 3 weeks long vacation. He spent a lot of time at his hometown. I went for 5 days while he was in the town. In the last year, Ed’s sister Sue and her partner Paul brought us many places but they brought us more places at this year. Thank you so much!!! Of course, thanks to Ed’s mother, Amy.

The highlight from this trip was:

  • Cod Fishing in a boat
  • Muscle picking
  • Blueberry picking as usual, and raspberry picking
  • Plus, groumet dinner :)

We spent a lot of time in nature again.



  • ボートに乗って、タラ釣り
  • ムール貝狩り
  • おなじみブルーベリー狩り、さらにラズベリー狩り
  • 補足で、グルメな晩飯


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