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BBQ at Wagaya / 我が家でバーベキュー





I went back to Japan for my younger brother’s wedding. They suggested to get together before the wedding, so we all got together and had a BBQ party at Wagaya (Family home). Also, Tsubasa wanted to take a photo of all the family so we did it as well.

Of course, Ueda family. We know how to enjoy. We eat well, drink well, laugh well with everyone. It was such a good time. I met Tsubasa’s fiancee, “Ai”, for the first time but we got along well and enjoyed the company as well.

Needless to say, my parent’s house is located in a very good location to enjoy loud. No one will care about it. It is such a nice place :)

I love you all and see you here when I get back next time :)

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