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Get Together in New York / ニューヨークで集合






Unfortunately, my uncle couldn’t win the lottery to the New York marathon this year and himself, my mom and sister-in-law visited New York for sightseeing instead so I joined to their tour.

Other than my uncle, it was their first time to visit in New York. They have visited many sightseeing spot and they even joined 40th anniversary of Halloween parade. There were a lot of things happened during the visit but it was such a fun trip by laughing so hard.

One of the remarkable thing was the way to the Chelsea market. We took yellow line and supposed to get off at 14st but when we noticed, the door was closing at Grand st. We end up acrossing the bridge and arrived to Brooklyn. We didn’t know we took Express line. So we took another train to go back and got off at West 4st, then we took Express again and end up at 34st. It was like playing a board game and we couldn’t get off until the right number shows up on a dice. When we arrived to 14st, we were so happy to be there. It takes only 20 minutes but it took an hour and a half for us.

We also had similar happening on the way back. We went to a wrong platform by accident so we got off and tried to get in the other side but we couldn’t. Subway pass has locks system to avoid lending a card to another person so iut locks like 15 min.

Chelsea Market, Statue of Liberty, jogging in Central Park, Lion King musical, shopping at Tiffany, a celebrity branch, and drinking party at the hotel. I only joined for 3 days but it was a remarkable fun trip. I would love to get together in a different place next time.

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