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Bike to Niagara Falls / ナイアガラの滝までサイクリング






After the DVP bike run, I wanted to go to Niagara Falls next time. When I talked about it to Nathan, he wanted to do as well. It didn’t take a while to actually do the run.

We started from Toronto, went through Oakville, Burlington, and stayed at Grimsby for the first night. In the next day, we went through Niagara on the Lake and finally arrived to Niagara Falls. It was about 150 Km total.

We biked about 7 hours per day. It was just biking but it still makes us really tired after the long bike ride. When we arrived to the hotel, our body was so tired and we coudn’t do much of anything. Our legs were shaky and we had dinner at Swiss Chalet and went to bed right away.

Also, we tried to trouble light and it was a big success. If we had more stuff to bring, it would be a lot more harder to complete. If we carried something at back, we could be done a lot earlier.

After such preparations and efforts, I felt really good when we have archive to arrive to the Niagara Falls. I would love to try a different distination next time.

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