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My Condo

Backsplash / バックスプラッシュ

We installed backsplash at this time. We ordered the tile in May but there was a trouble with the tile shop. It finally arrived in July. Also, we had troubles with shops to order microwave and finally got after 3 orders in 3 different location. It took so long to finally install it but as […]

My Condo Look / 我がロフトの様子

My condo’s pictures here. It’s a pretty cozy place. At the front door, there is a little courtyard space and I put some outdoor furniture and plants. Also, I have a common terrace upstairs and you can BBQ or have a little party. 我がロフトの様子です。いい感じのこじんまりした部屋です。入口の手前には、ちょっとしたスペースがあって、アウトドアの家具や植物を置いてます。また、屋上のテラスでは、バーベキューやちょっとしたパーティーも出来ます。

Backlight / 間接照明

Reconstruction / 改築

After taking down all the walls and the kitchen, we worked on putting back the kitchen and fixing the walls. It was easier for me to put together IKEA cabinet since I have some experience but I have no experience including electrocity, plumbing and cutting woods. Ed helped me so much for all the carpenter’s […]

Demolition / 解体

The first step is to take down the bedroom wall and all the kitchen. I have never done this before but it was quite easy and fun! The difficult thing was the higher part. I have higher ceiling and we needed to work on a ladder to take out nails and remove screws from the […]

First Look / 初見

I was looking for a condo from the summer to the fall in 2009. Because of the hot market, the price was getting higher and there weren’t many condos in my price range but I finally found this place. What I was looking for was “Has balcony”, “Bigger than the current place”, and “Closer to […]